Decks and Patios

Ottawa has great weather and scenery to entertain from spring till fall. Let us help you create an outdoorlving space that flows from the interior of your home to your outdoor living space.

Creating the Outdoor Spaces that Complement Ottawa’s Spectacular Terrain/Scenery

JL Fence & Deck makes playtime possible–even easy–by creating outdoor spaces that match your artistic/architectural preferences, lifestyle, habits, needs and budget.

Since their days as a place to store firewood and boots, the deck and patio have come a long way. Now, you can get a deck to perch on top of your roof, extend your living room or serve as a second kitchen. Decks and patios come in several styles of native woods–redwood, Brazilian walnut and mahogany are just a few—or composites of wood fiber and plastic, aluminum or vinyl. Each has its advantages, look and feel. When we come to your home with our samples and photos, you’ll be amazed at how unique and personalized your deck or patio can become.

She Wants Practical and He Wants Gorgeous? We Can Handle That

After all, you both want to be outside, so let’s start there. In fact, we bet you agree on what you want to use the deck for. Both raised decks and platform decks can be appended to the home. Some even go for a double-decker deck!

No matter your choices and your points of departure with other family members, JL Fence and Deck can tailor your deck to satisfy everyone. If you look at our gallery, you’ll see that we’ve raised, re-railed, gazeboed, bent and extended decks to fit all kinds of homes, even those with unique additions.

You’ve probably already read that many of the new decking options are “maintenance-free.” While we don’t go as far as saying they require NO maintenance, we are pleased that many of our options remain free of rot, termites and don’t require new staining or hefty maintenance for 25 years. Steel decks, aluminum decks and some composite decks have a lifetime guarantee. Call us today at 613-262-7293 to get your questions answered.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here are some of the services that we are able to offer:

  • create 3-D plans,
  • pull permits and submit any paperwork for homeowners’ associations,
  • handle issues with county permitting and homeowners board members,
  • review all plans with company owner, job supervisor and you on start day,
  • maintain an online project management system you can check into every day,
  • review all completed work with supervisor and you.

We’re happy to supply a long list of customers who are 100% satisfied with our work.

Trust an Ottawa Fence and Deck Company

We’ll get you into the sunshine fast and hassle-free!

A construction project can intimidate even seasoned homeowners. Our installation processes are among the fastest in Ottawa.  While glitches can come up, they don’t usually surprise us too much and we surmount them quickly. If you’re interested in seeing what our outdoor decking and patio options are, feel free to have us over for a no-obligation consultation. Call us at 613-262-7293 or by email at

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